How to Write a Query Letter

Hello to whoever is reading this! First of all I hope that you have enjoyed the holidays however which way you spent it during this crazy time! Also, Happy New Year and here’s to the first post of 2021! If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you were like me when I first started querying,Continue reading “How to Write a Query Letter”

Tips for PitMad – Twitter Pitch Event

Hello to whoever is reading this, welcome! If you’ve stumbled on this post it’s because you’re looking to participate in PitMad on either December 3rd or September 3rd and are looking for some tips on timing and well, what sells in terms of pitches? I am absolutely no expert but I did land my twoContinue reading “Tips for PitMad – Twitter Pitch Event”

Twitter Hashtags to Follow for Writers

Hello to whoever is reading this, welcome! This post is going to be exactly what it sounds like – a list of Twitter hashtags for you to follow, use, and participate in to expand your circle of followers/writers! I will also add literary agent hashtags for you to check out and discover more agents onContinue reading “Twitter Hashtags to Follow for Writers”

Query Tips: Twitter

Hello to whoever is reading this, welcome! So, the topic above is EXACTLY what I’m going to be talking about today! This post is a deeper dive into the sheer greatness of Twitter for writers so buckle up. Twitter If you’re anything like how I used to be, you hate Twitter. The thought of ‘tweeting,’Continue reading “Query Tips: Twitter”