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Editing Services

Query Letter Critique or Synopsis Critique – $15 each or bundle for $30

Includes an annotated document that highlights development/structure, search for strong hook, my comments/feedback/thoughts for revisions. This also includes a revision once my edits are made as well as answering any possibly querying questions you may have.

Opening Pages – 1st Chapter or First 15 pages – $20

A look into the telling of your story, flow, development, pacing, engagement, world building (if any). I will use track changes to mark up your document and provide my thoughts/feedback while reading. I will also search for any grammatical errors that need adjustment or any lines that read awkwardly (hence flow mentioned above)

Longer Services on a Case-By-Case Basis

A further look into your book providing the same feedback as stated before. I will look at your book from the readers aspect while also searching for any grammatical errors that need adjustment or awkward reading lines. I won’t have any prices listed for this as I am unsure how many I can currently take on so please feel free to message me through the site.

All payments are to be made through PayPal.

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