Feel free to either contact me through my websites Contact page or email me directly at:

Editing Services:

Query Letter Critique: $20
Synopsis Critique – $20
Opening Pages: 1st Chapter or First 10 pages – $25

An opening pages critique will look into the telling of your story, flow, development, pacing, engagement, world building (if any). I will use track changes to mark up your document and provide my thoughts/feedback while reading. I will also search for any grammatical errors that need adjustment or any lines that read awkwardly (hence flow mentioned above)

Bundle: QL, Synopsis, & Opening Pages: $60

Full Manuscript Critique

I will provide a further looking into your manuscript and provide you with a developmental edit, notes/feedback with my reactions/thoughts, and a readers analysis. I will search for any grammatical errors/typos and adjust as needed.

I enjoy the following genres in both YA & MG:

Paranormal (any kind of paranormal aside from zombies), Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Rom-Com, Adventure, Coming-of-Age, Lit-Fit, Spec-Fic, Light-Fantasy, Magical Realism, Fairytale re-tellings.

Not a great fit for: Historical Fiction, Sci-Fi, Non-Fiction.

I charge .010 per word so for example:

25,000 words = $250.00

50,000 words = $500.00

75,000 words = $750

and so on.

I offer a test trial and will edit your first five pages for free prior to booking.

Spaces are limited, please message me using the contact box below so we can set up a date.

Send me an email to send over materials:

All payments will be made with PayPal, services won’t begin until payment is submitted.

About Amanda

Amanda is represented by Analieze Cervantes and Jennifer Herrington of the Harvey Klinger Literary Agency. Amanda queried her first finished manuscript Sever My Soul for about 4 months and her second manuscript Vampires Are the Worst, which she wrote in one week, for less than a month ultimately leading to her offers of representation. During the querying process for her first manuscript she received 2 full requests and one partial request and for her second manuscript she sent out only ten queries and received five full requests with 2 offers of representation. Aside from working her way through the querying trenches herself, Amanda is also a literary intern with Art + Deco Literary Agency where she has been exposed to the importance and guidelines of what goes into the perfect query letter. Amanda has also worked as a mentor in the WriteMentor’s summer program. Finally, Amanda has her BA in Professional Writing and has received an honorary Distinction in Writing from her university’s Writing Department for her Senior Thesis and Portfolio.

Questions? Send Me A Message, I Answer Everyone!

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